How to Develop a Backend and an Admin Panel for a Food Delivery App

Customer feedback is the simplest yet most effective way of getting complete visibility into insights that can help you improve your app. A customer feedback portal in the app will allow users to share their experiences. These experiences or customer demands can be used later to improve the app’s functionality further and enhance the user experience.

Main features of a restaurant app

It was also downloaded 540 times and processed an impressive 798 transactions. The rewards scheme isn’t the only method of saving in the Outback app. Customers also have access to a rotating selection of special offers and coupons that help them save money while encouraging them to eat out. Users have to visit the steakhouse three times to get 50% off their fourth visit to the restaurant.

In-app, online ordering and mobile payments

Apart from custom restaurant apps for food delivery, and web-based food ordering apps. There is a range of restaurant apps functionalities you can invest in. With an opportunity for restaurant owners to capitalize on the growing demand for better, digitized dining, and food delivery experience. You can also outsource restaurant mobile app development, the most cost-efficient option. The company you outsource takes on all tasks and covers all the processes with a team of  professionals. Outsourcing outside your own country might be a huge win in terms and quality and app development cost, as you would be able to get the best developers at lower prices.

If you haven’t implemented these restaurant app features already, you should consider doing so. Expanding your services to include takeout, delivery, and pickup will only boost your revenue. As mentioned above, there are numerous opportunities for you to seize with restaurant app development. That is why it is important to choose the right niche and business model for your product. Depending on your business objectives, market specifics, and audience preferences, you should identify the app type that can bring the most value.

Aggregator applications

In 2018 DoorDash overtook UberEats, and in spring 2019 they left behind another major competitor — GrubHub. This would no doubt take a big portion out of the marketing budget and can be quite an expensive process. Promoting your food delivery app with coupons and special offers is the best way to attract new users.

Main features of a restaurant app

While the above examples are all from famous chains, our next two restaurant app examples showcase how independent businesses can benefit from an app. The Outback Steakhouse app provides users with easy access to rewards and offers. The app also provides full access to the restaurant’s menu, allowing customers to decide what they want to eat ahead of time.

Tips to reduce custom software development cost for MVP

The product discovery phase is the best first step you can take to lay a solid foundation for the development of your app. It includes a functional specification, UX/UI design, and a visual prototype that will give you a clear vision of the end product. The customers may never know this app exists, but they will surely feel its positive impact and appreciate an enhanced quality of your services.

Alternatively, you may opt to compete with food delivery giants like DoorDash, Zomato, and UberEats, and create a digital marketplace for food order and delivery. This business model implies your platform will connect restaurants, companies, and delivery companies, and enable you to drive revenue from transactions. You may also create a simple app enabling users to quickly call a waiter, instead of waiting to be served.

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You can encourage users to engage with your app more regularly and spend more time exploring your services by offering challenges, badges, or awards. Also, gamification is known to be particularly useful for persuading customers to try new dishes or take part in seasonal sales. Not to mention, completing challenges or earning awards gives people a sense of accomplishment that develops a stronger bond with your restaurant business. It’s totally possible that your business is not yet ready for such an investment. First, figure out if you even have sufficient funds in your budget to commit to restaurant app development (read further for rough cost estimates).

Main features of a restaurant app

We saw that during COVID-19 contactless payment got a lot of attention since safety became most important. One of the platforms that happen to be most used is OpenTable – a platform that is used for a restaurant table reservation and online food ordering. A food ordering app is a mobile app intended for restaurant users and is used to order food that a restaurant or third-party delivers to the doorstep. Customers need to select an item, enter the quantity, and place the order. We bring you 5 essential features for boosting the restaurant business in the mobile era. During rush hours, it is normal for popular dine-in facilities to become overcrowded.

Cycling Power and Bluetooth accessories

For a customer, there’s nothing worse than having to navigate through confusing restaurant app features to find basic information, and this is where simplicity in design comes in. Once the app goes live, you can (and should) restaurant app builder utilize your user feedback to enhance the product value and further improve its customer experience. It’s also time to implement all the additional features that didn’t make it to the first version of your product.

  • The restaurant reviews play a huge role in not just getting new diners to the restaurants but also increasing the app engagement time.
  • Free coffees, 2-for-1 offers, big discounts are only a few things you can try.
  • Azoft developed a mobile app for restaurants that helps waiters fill out an order and send it immediately to the cooks.
  • Now we have a team of over 120 developers, providing Mobile and Web development services for clients around the world.
  • With the add to cart feature, mobile app users can add the items to the cart and simply place their order in one go.

Using the app, customers can get direct payment through the app option by undertaking payment modes like a credit card, debit card options, and many more. As the online facility is vastly used nowadays, most app development companies have included this option in the payment gateway mode. Tej is an experienced project manager with huge experience in mobile app development.

How to create a restaurant app: Step-by-step process

Our experience and expertise in restaurant app development will make your product fly. Last but not least, don’t forget to enable social media integrations in your app as they can be a potent marketing tool. You increase the organic exposure of your restaurant when you invite customers to share their dining experiences, favorite meals, or memorable events at your place. And you should pitch in as well – regularly interacting with customers on social media platforms increases your online presence and fosters a feeling of community. If your eatery doesn’t yet offer deliveries, you might want to change your mind. By including order delivery in both your restaurant’s and app’s services, you can create new income streams and increase your user base outside of your immediate area.